5 tips to take home from Lord Disick

Rule number 1: Never be underdressed.

Its much better to be overdressed than underdressed. I have had friends turn up to smart dress events in sruffy jeans, dirty runners and a crinkled shirt. Its not a good look trust me! It was a pretty cringe worthy moment, he stood out but he stood out for all the wrong reasons he truly was an eyesore. Girls avoided him more than the leper….although that leper does have some pretty slick dance moves…..anyway. If you want to stand out; stand out for the right reasons. Lord disick pulls this off perfectly, he has presence!


Lord Disick and Master Mason looking chic as always

Rule number 2: Shoes=enlightenment:

Shoes ignite spark in outfit. A good pair of shoes will turn you from 27 year old virgin in to a lord. get your self a good pair of wheels. So either grab your rifle go hunting and skin that bitch for some sweet loafers….or go to the mall and get someone else to do your dirty work.


gntntnhon casual outfit transformed into a mannerly ensemble by blue gucci loafers

Rule number 3: Be bold, be brave.

Lord Disick,s fashion sense has a sense of arrogance about it which is an important aspect for any aspiring posh bastards. While not everyone is going to like your choices be brave with them if you think they add a sense of decadence to your garment. This rule does not give you licence to wear ridiculous clothes for the sake of it but rather care less what others think. life is to short to be all like “well I say good sir these pink loafers are rather elegant but mummy and daddy might not be so dandy about them”. Fuck it! in the end what really matters is that you love your style. Your clothes are an extension of your character after all.


Rule number 4: exquisite hair at all times.

Look pictures of the lord. His hair is immaculate in all of them. Find a cut that works for you and take the time to make it golden before you leave the house. As for facial hair if your a clean shaven chap, shave it every day don’t leave the house with a couple days worth of stubble. You might think it looks rustic but really you look like you have just gone on a binge with Hunter. S Thompson. Also women hate it its uncomfortable for when your getting hot and bothered If you have a beard you have a beard, invest in a beard trimmer and keep it at that perfect length.


Rule number 5: Be Patrick Bateman:

Now don’t get your knickers in a twist gentlemen I don’t mean you have to be a psychopath. Patrick has an immense sense of style. It is clear the Lord is inspired by the character with him matching his decadence and hair flare. get yourself some snazzy suits and present yourself in a mannerly way, with the odd psychotic episode on the side to cool down. Being a lord is a competitive sport, if someone out suits you….well just put them in your Jean Paul Gaultier overnight bag if you know what I mean (American psycho reference, if you haven’t seen it there is no hope). Toodles chums



5 Fashion Tips All Men Should Hear

1) Fit is King

If you take one thing away from this article make it this; FIT IS EVERYTHING. You can have the nicest clothes in the world but if they don’t fit properly you won’t look good. It’s such a simple thing yet so few guys are able to grasp it, you see guys walking around in t-shirts that are 2 sizes too big or squeezed into an old jacket that fit them 8 years ago. If you just change the fit of your clothes you will look 100 times better; to illustrate my point here is Vince Vaughn in a standard shirt, the fit is the same as 95% of the male population.

Sexiest Man Alive?

Sexiest Man Alive?

This is the perfect example of how not to wear your clothes. The shirt is so big it looks like he borrowed it from Khloe Kardashian. There is way too much extra fabric around the arms belly chest and neck. It doesn’t fit his body at all, just meekly hangs on it.

If Vince Had Fashion

If Vince Had Fashion

Now this is Vince Vaughn in a proper fitting shirt. He went from “possibly the best looking man in Hollywood” to “possibly the best looking man of all time”. Boom. There you go. All we did was change the fit of his shirt and if you didn’t know better you’d think the guy in the above picture wasn’t our man Vince at all.

2) Quality not quantity

Think of clothes as you think of women. Do you and your friends talk about a group of 2/10’s or the one girl whose 11/10? If you answered 2/10’s please leave this blog now. We have no place for your kind here. If you answered 11/10 apply the same logic to your clothes. Don’t get a ton of crappy t-shirts that will shrink the first the time you wash them. Go with the established reputable labels. Diesel, FCUK, Calvin Klein. There is a reason why their t-shirts are more expensive. It’s because they’re better quality. If you find them too expensive wait for the sales and get them then. You will save money in the long run, these t-shirts will last you for years.

3) Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

Girls are lucky. They can do so much different stuff with their clothes. Almost every shop has floors and floors of women’s clothing and a dusty corner in the basement reserved for men. This is due to two reasons: 1) Most men aren’t as in to fashion as woman & 2) Men’s clothes are all very similar. What I mean by this is that men all wear similar types of clothes. We all wear trousers and then we wear shirts and maybe something over that. This means it harder for men to differentiate themselves from all the other guys out there. However most men just stick with the basics so to set yourself apart use accessorise.  A few simple touches can transform your outfit, be it matching shoes to belt to watch, adding a pocket square to a suit which matches your tie or picking the perfect pair of shades to complement your best summer wear.

Shoes Stored on Floor: Would Not Bang

Shoes Stored on Floor: Would Not Bang

4) Runners Are For Gym & Steve Jobs

Shawshank Redemption. Possibly the greatest movie of all time (or second greatest if you’ve seen Jack and Jill) has one flaw. At one point Andy Dufresne whilst escaping from jail utters the phrase: “I mean, seriously, how often do you look at a man’s shoes?” The correct answer is all the time. Bad shoes ruins your outfit and wearing dirty runners anywhere but the gym is a crime that should be punished by genital electrocution. Get shoes that will work with anything, they don’t have to be fancy leather shoes but a good pair of casual shoes to wear with jeans is an absolute must.

"I Love Your Shoes, It Goes Well With Your Tux" - No Girl Ever

“I Love Your Shoes, It Goes Well With Your Tux” – No Girl Ever

5) Life Is Your Runway

Too many guys only dress nicely when they’re going somewhere important or on a date or visiting their granny on a Friday night to play backgammon. Dress up nice regardless of where you go; college, a movie, shopping. Ask any girl you know. A nicely dressed guy instantly makes them 47% more attractive. That’s scientific fact. If you go to college dressed like a bum don’t expect much attention from girls.

Bradley Cooper: Average Schmuck

Bradley Cooper: Average Schmuck

If You Wouldn't Do Him, You're Gay

If You Wouldn’t Do Him, You’re Gay

sunglasses to suit your suit


I have come across many men who have failed to grasp the image of a decadent business man and instead end up looking like…well that guy who fixes your computer rather then a chic banker.
nothing destroys a good suit than the appearance of cheap or tacky looking sunglasses. now this isn’t to say you have to spend a fortune on sunglasses but you have to make sure your glasses add to your suit and not take away from it.

first off, stay away from.  oakley-sunglasses151 While these are great for taking part in the tour de france or running a marathon they simply do not go well with stylish garb.

and unless you want to look like this freak stay away from imagesCABVCLH4 these bad boys…

Now on to what is good to wear with a suit my fashion savy minions.

generally anything that has a turtle pattern goes brilliantly with any brown accessories and are generally seen as the king of smart glasses they have been worn by the likes of Harvey spector, Brad Pitt and Lord Disick.

If you have money to spare persol do a great style of these glasses. imagesCAAG72BSimagesRyan-Gosling-crazy-stupid-love-selima-6

Mason-Disick-Out-New-York-City-04232012-03-435x580 here Scott disick can be seen rocking similar sunglasses which I believe are a different type of persol (I swear I am not a persol rep they just make dam good sunglasses) while his son decides to go for a less vivacious look with a pair of aviators. If your into these  but don’t want to remortgage your house DONT FRET my feathered friends you can pick these up in most high street fashion shops such as topman, river island etc.

Ray ban aviators are another great choice and can be used for any occasion. I personally prefer wearing gold aviators with a suit with some matching accessories such as a gold watch, gold belt buckle or even some gold cuflings or gold buttons. These glasses are very chic and suit almost anybody. download          Ray-Ban-Sunglasses-Wayfarer-RB2140_12389

Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses are another great alternative for an extremely versatile pair of sunglasses and can also be found in a turtle finish similar to the persol pairs I mentioned earlier, these are even worn by Patrick bateman who is wall streets very own fashionista. These two ray bans are the two most popular pairs around and can look very sophisticated if you play your cards right. if buying wayfarers avoid colours on the sides at all costs as it will cheapen the appearance.

With these opinions in mind go forward see what works best with your face and your look, see what works for you and most importantly be better than the gap.